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Omg!!! Dying from how delicious this is!
After eating breakfast I got pretty bad anxiety and felt really ansty and just overall really bad. I only get anxiety when I have alot on my mind but this morning I was fine. I was even talking with my family about how excited I am that there coming to visit and all the things we are gonna do so it stressed me out because I didn’t know wat was wrong.
While I was driving to my boyfriends I was craving a juice also thinking it would make me feel better and I knew there was a juice bar by him so I stopped by. Best decision of my life!
The first juice has lime, kale, cucumber, orange, spinach and parsley.
They had a sign saying they were hiring so I sent an email because I fell in love with the place.
They gave me a receipt for $2 off if I came back today… I convinced my boyfriend to go and we got a berry banana burst!
Yummy! Taste like yogurt almost. It has fresh whole berries, banana, vanilla bean cashew nut milk and agave nectar.
To die for! Everyone should check out the Nekter Juice Bar. :)
I feel totally awesome now! 😍

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